Virtual Workshop on Considerations in Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms

Workshop Recording

The recording from this event is now available.

Slideshow Presentations

Recorded Video Presentations

PQ Algorithms in Secure Transport Protocols and Software Signing

Panos Kampanakis, Cisco

Long-Term Device Transition Strategy via Composite Crypto

Max Pala, CableLabs

Retrofitting Post-Quantum Cryptography in Internet Protocols: A Case Study of DNSSEC

Moritz Muller, SIDN Labs

Communication Protocol Implications of Using Code-Based Cryptography

Tanja Lange Eindhoven, University of Technology

Post-Quantum Cryptography Migration Challenges from a Customer Point of View

Guy Berg, Federal Reserve Board, Minneapolis

The Long and Agile Transition: How Industry Needs to Prepare

Brandon Langenberg, PQsecure

Other Presentations at This Workshop

  • ETSI Cyber QSC WG, Migration to PQC
    • Colin Whorlow, NCSC
  • Integration Challenges
    • Christian Paquin, Microsoft
  • Lightning Talk Session
    • David Forscey, Aspen Institute
    • David Ott, VMware
    • Oussama Danba, PQshield
    • Moses Liskov, MITRE
    • Dan Bernstein, OpenSSLNTRU
  • Next Steps/Wrap Up (NCCoE)
    • Curt Barker