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NCCoE Learning Series Webinar Project Spotlight: Securing Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem

Following on from last month’s fireside chat, “Telehealth Security and Privacy Tips for Healthcare Providers and Patients,” the NCCoE's Healthcare Project Team will delve deeper into technical cybersecurity guidance for RPM ecosystems, including:  

  • How organizations can enhance the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an RPM solution. 
  • How organizations can limit risk when implementing an RPM solution. 
  • How the NIST NCCoE collaborated with solutions providers that included HDOs, telehealth platform providers, and technology manufacturers to develop the reference architecture. 
  • How attendees can get involved in the NIST NCCoE healthcare sector efforts.  
  • How guidance from NIST’s Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things program on device cybersecurity capabilities can provide HDOs awareness of their biometric device acquisition processes.

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Nakia Grayson is an IT security specialist who leads the supply chain assurance work at the NIST NCCoE. She is also a part of the Privacy Engineering Program at NIST, where she supports the development of privacy risk management best practices, guidance, and communications efforts. Ms. Grayson serves as the contracting officer representative for NIST cybersecurity contracts. Previously, she led the healthcare sector projects at the NCCoE.

Ronald Pulivarti is the project lead engineer for cybersecurity in the healthcare sector at the NIST NCCoE. Mr. Pulivarti has a strong technical background and cybersecurity experience in multiple high value asset applications. Prior to NIST, Mr. Pulivarti worked within the Department of Health and Human Services and has served in many IT leadership roles for over 20 years. 

Sue Wang is a principal cybersecurity engineer at the MITRE Corporation and currently serves as the healthcare sector technical lead at the NCCoE. Ms. Wang has coauthored multiple cybersecurity guidance documents for the healthcare sector. Previously, Ms. Wang supported Department of Homeland Security, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, and MITRE research projects in software assurance, secure programming, static analysis, and software weaknesses. Prior to joining MITRE in 2011, Ms. Wang had nearly 20 years of experience in system development life cycle and project management. Ms. Wang received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Maryland.