Mobile Device Security

Organizations understand the value mobile devices can add to their employees’ productivity by providing access to business resources at any time. Not only has this reshaped how traditional in-office tasks are accomplished, but organizations are devising entirely new ways to work. Yet mobile devices may be lost or stolen. A compromised mobile device may allow remote access to sensitive on-premises organizational data, or any other data that the user has entrusted to the device. The NCCoE mobile device security efforts are dedicated to solving businesses most pressing mobile cybersecurity challenges.

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Mobile Device Security: Cloud & Hybrid Builds

Demonstrates how to secure sensitive enterprise data accessed by and/or stored on employees’ mobile devices. Learn more about this project and download NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide 1800-4.

Mobile Device Security for Enterprise

Provides a series of clear and repeatable reference mobile architectures that any organization can adapt and adopt to ease design, accelerate deployment, and build in security for their mobility program from the outset. Learn more about this project.

Mobile Threat Catalogue

Identifies threats to mobile devices and associated mobile infrastructure to support development and implementation of mobile security capabilities, best practices, and security solutions to better protect enterprise IT. Learn more about this project and view the Mobile Threat Catalogue.