Now Available! Final Annotated Outline: Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Hybrid Satellite Networks


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is pleased to release the final annotated outline for the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Profile for Hybrid Satellite Networks (HSN). The HSN Community of Interest (COI) is using this annotated outline to build the HSN CSF Profile, a practical guide for organizations and stakeholders engaged in the design, acquisition, and operation of satellite buses or payloads involving HSN. This will allow non-commercial use of commercial satellites in a manner that is consistent with the sponsor organization’s risk tolerance.

The Profile will be structured around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and aims to be suitable for applications that involve multiple stakeholders contributing to communications architecture and for other use cases such as hosted payloads. Use of the HSN Profile will help organizations:

  • Identify systems, assets, data, and risks that pertain to HSN
  • Protect HSN services by adhering to cybersecurity principles and self-assessment
  • Detect cybersecurity-related disturbances or corruption of HSN services and data
  • Respond to HSN service or data anomalies in a timely, effective, and resilient manner 
  • Recover the HSN to proper working order at the conclusion of a cybersecurity incident

If you have expertise in Commercial Space capabilities, please join the HSN COI to help shape this important profile.  


Review the outline here: Hybrid Satellite Networks (HSN) Cybersecurity Framework Profile Annotated Outline | NCCoE (