NIST NCCoE Publishes Final NIST IR 8441, Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Hybrid Satellite Networks


The NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has published Final NIST IR 8441, Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Hybrid Satellite Networks (HSN)

The HSN Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Profile provides a practical tool for organizations engaged in the design, acquisition, and operation of satellite buses or payloads involving HSN. Its primary intent is to help those organizations better understand the attack surface, incorporate security, and achieve greater resilience for space systems that may be leveraged by critical infrastructure owners and operators, the Department of Defense, or other government missions, in a manner that is consistent with the organization’s risk tolerance.

The HSN Profile will help organizations:

  • Identify systems, assets, data, and risks from the CSF that pertain to HSN.
  • Protect HSN services by utilizing cybersecurity principles and self-assessment.
  • Detect cybersecurity-related disturbances or corruption of HSN services and data.
  • Respond to HSN service or data anomalies in a timely, effective, and resilient manner.
  • Recover the HSN to proper working order at the conclusion of a cybersecurity incident.

As the space sector is transitioning away from traditional, vertically-integrated entities and towards an aggregation of independently-owned and operated segments, it is becoming more critical for all stakeholders to share a common understanding of the risks and how they can be mitigated.

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