The NCCoE Buzz: 7 Privacy Challenges for Enterprise Mobility


The NCCoE Buzz: Mobile Security Edition

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: 7 Privacy Challenges for Enterprise Mobility

When organizations allow employees to use mobile devices for work (e.g., Bring Your Own Device/BYOD), there are potential privacy implications that can impact employees. Privacy and cybersecurity are commonly thought of as two distinct areas, but when considering the risks of each, they often intersect.

Below is a list of 7 privacy challenges for enterprise mobile deployments, some of which arise from cybersecurity-related risks:

  1. Loss of information via device wipe
  2. Device surveillance
  3. Data transmission via third parties security tools
  4. Malicious applications
  5. Employee awareness of organizational policies
  6. Unsecured public Wi-Fi
  7. Lost or stolen devices

To view our privacy challenges infographic, click here.