Continuous Monitoring for IT Infrastructure

Current Status

The NCCoE recently released a draft project description, Continuous Monitoring for IT Infrastructure. The public comment period closed on July 26, 2019. We appreciate your feedback, which we will use to shape the direction of the project.


The NCCoE is proposing a project to explore continuous monitoring capabilities that can effectively, efficiently and automatically detect when a malicious actor, be it an authorized user or external actor, attempts to perform an action in an organization’s IT infrastructure that could result in financial, reputational, and operational impacts to the organization.  

Many organizations monitor business information technology (IT) infrastructure by manual inspection or computer-aided audits, which can result in after-the-fact detection of malicious-user access events.

This project will describe how to address this issue by collecting appropriate log data from the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the continuous monitoring capabilities can also be used to automate analysis and reporting of the log data to alert the proper personnel in the organization with actionable information and guidance so they may take measures toward resolving the detected issue. This project will result in a freely available NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guide, which includes a reference architecture, a fully implemented example solution, and a detailed guide of practical steps needed to implement the solution.

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