Open for Public Comment, Draft NIST IR 8406, Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Liquefied Natural Gas


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has published for comment a draft NIST Interagency Report (NIST IR) 8406, Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Liquefied Natural GasThe public comment period is open until November 17, 2022.

Project Description

The LNG Cybersecurity Framework Profile, created in collaboration with the Department of Energy's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response, in addition to working with LNG security experts, provides a voluntary, risk-based approach for managing cybersecurity activities and reducing cyber risk to all components of the LNG supply chain. The publication explores the industry’s unique alignment of its organizational requirements and objectives, risk appetite, and resources against the desired outcomes of the Cybersecurity Framework Core.

The LNG Cybersecurity Framework Profile identifies and prioritizes opportunities for improving the cybersecurity posture of the LNG supply chain and is designed to supplement, not replace, current cybersecurity standards, regulations, and industry guidelines that are already being used by the LNG industry.

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The public comment period for this draft is open through November 17, 2022. See the publication details for a copy of the draft and instructions for submitting comments.

We value and welcome your input and look forward to your comments.

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