NIST Releases NIST IR 8323 Revision 1: Foundational PNT Profile: Applying the Cybersecurity Framework for the Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Services


Foundational PNT Profile

The Foundational PNT Profile was created by applying the NIST CSF to help organizations:

  • Identify systems dependent on PNT
  • Identify appropriate PNT sources
  • Detect disturbances and manipulation of PNT services
  • Manage the risk to these systems

Organizations may use this profile as a starting point to apply their own unique mission, business environment, and technologies to create or refine a security program that will include the responsible use of PNT services

About Revision 1 of the Profile

This project is part of NIST’s response to the February 12, 2020, Executive Order (EO) 13905, Strengthening National Resilience Through Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Services. The EO notes that “the widespread adoption of PNT services means disruption or manipulation of these services could adversely affect U.S. national and economic security. To strengthen national resilience, the Federal Government must foster the responsible use of PNT services by critical infrastructure owners and operators.” The Order also calls for updates to the profile every two years or on an as needed basis.

Based on NIST’s interaction with public and private sector stakeholders and their efforts to create “sector specific” profiles, it was decided to create Revision 1. No substantive changes were made to the original Foundational PNT Profile; NIST only sought comments on the changes made in this revision. Among the most noteworthy are:

  • The addition of five new Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) subcategories
  • The addition of two appendices; Appendix D; Applying the PNT Profile to Cybersecurity Risk Management, and Appendix E; Organization Specific PNT Profiles.

See the publication details for a copy of the profile and link to the comments received. All revision 1 changes are captured in Table 26: “Change Log” for easy reference to reviewers.

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