Maximizing Mobile Threat Defense


The NCCoE Buzz: Mobile Security Edition

What is it?

Mobile threat defense (MTD) is an application that provides real-time information about a device’s risk level.

How does it work?

An MTD application is installed on a mobile device. The app then detects unwanted activity and informs users and/or system administrators so they can prevent or limit damage. MTD uses the device’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to obtain information about potential threats. These threats may include an adversary-in-the-middle attack or a phishing attempt.

MTD applications can provide enhanced security when integrated with a mobile device management system. These integrations allow the MTD to report any risks back to the management software. In response, the management system can then take action based on the identified risk and its impact to an enterprise security policy.

How does it address security and privacy concerns?

MTD software analyzes and informs the user or organization of a security threat or privacy risk. For example, MTD notifies individuals when they should update their operating systems. The app can also alert users when someone is eavesdropping on their internet connection. With this awareness, individuals or organizations are then able to resolve these threats

What can you do?

Download our 1800-21 and 1800-22 guides to learn more about MTD and other mobile device security and privacy capabilities, including how these solutions can strengthen the security of your enterprise environment.