Security for IPv6 Enabled Enterprises

The NCCoE hosted a workshop on Security for IPv6 Enabled Enterprises on Thursday June 13, at 8:30 a.m. in Rockville, MD.

NIST’s NCCoE is developing a project plan to examine and demonstrate the state of security technologies and guidance specifications for IPv6 enabled enterprises. A primary focus of the workshop and subsequent NCCoE demonstration project is to examine the extent to which current commercially available security technologies can support wide scale deployment and use of IPv6 in a range of enterprise use case scenarios. Initially the project will focus on dual-stack deployments and then in subsequent follow on efforts, focus on IPv6-only deployments. Another focus of the proposed proof-of-concept project will exercise and evaluate existing IPv6 security guidance from NIST and the Internet Engineering Task Force. It is anticipated that outcomes of the project will inform updates to future NIST guidelines and recommendations.

NIST explicitly solicits input from workshop participants on all aspects of the planned NCCoE demonstration project including the proposed scope, use cases and technologies to be considered, and sources of specifications and guidance.  Once the project description in finalized NIST will solicit organizations to directly collaborate in the technical project and the development of its outputs.

For more information on the workshop, see the call for participation.


View the presentations given during the workshop:  

- Kevin Stine, NIST, Introduction to NIST

- Doug Montgomery, NISTIdentifying and Removing Barriers to IPv6 Development

-Dawn Bedard, Microsoft, Microsoft Corporate Network: Journey to IPv6                                

Col. Keith Repik, Department of Defense, IPv6 Context and Way Ahead

-Lee Howard, Retevia, IPv6 Motivations and Obstacles

--John Burns, Wells Fargo, IPv6 Adoption at a Large Enterprise


Thursday, June 13, 2019


8:30-9:00             Check-in, NCCoE Lobby

9:00-9:15              Welcome & Introduction to NCCoE, Kevin Stine, NIST

9:15-9:30              Identifying and Removing Barriers to IPv6 Development, Doug Montgomery, NIST

9:30-10:45           Enterprise Challenges

                                -IPv6 Motivations and Obstacles, Lee Howard, Retevia

                                -IPv6 Adoption at a Large Enterprise, John Burns, Wells Fargo

10:45-11:00         Break

11:00-12:00         Enterprise Challenges

                                -Microsoft Corporate Network: Journey to IPv6, Dawn Bedard, Microsoft

                                -DoD IPv6 Context and Way Ahead, Col. Keith Repik, Department of Defense

12:00-12:15         Break

12:15-1:00           Breakout Sessions – Identifying Barriers to Deployment

1:00-1:30             Readouts, Next Steps

1:30                      Formal Program Ends

2:30-3:30        *Optional: Informal Discussion with NCCoE Regarding Potential Project Scoping and Collaborations


The NCCoE is located on:
9700 Great Seneca Hwy
Rockville, MD 20850