Virtual Workshop on Preventing and Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Cyber Events

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Workshop Overview

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) hosted a virtual workshop on July 14, 2021. The purpose of the workshop was to seek comments and feedback  from government and industry subject matter experts on challenges and the practical approaches to preventing and recovering from ransomware and other destructive cyber events. 


Workshop Recording

NCCoE Industry Days: Preventing and Recovering from Ransomware and Other Destructive Cyber Events



Post-Workshop Materials 

 NIST and NCCoE Overview
 Kevin Stine - NIST Chief Cybersecurity Advisor
 Keynote: Deputy Secretary (TENTATIVE)
 Don Graves - Deputy Secretary, US Department of Commerce

 Presentation #1 

 Workshop Overview and Background
 Kevin Stine - NIST Chief Cybersecurity Advisor

 Presentation #2 

 Status of NIST Ransomware Activity
 Bill Fisher – NIST
 Bill Fisher is a security engineer at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE). In this role, he is responsible for leading a team of engineers that work collaboratively with industry partners to address cybersecurity business challenges facing the nation. He leads the center’s Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) project, Mobile Application Single Sign On (SSO) for the Public Safety and First Responder Sector, and is part of the ITL Cybersecurity for IoT program.

 Moderated Q & A
 Mat Heyman - Impresa Management

 Mat Heyman focuses on advancing policy and programmatic solutions to science- and technology-related societal issues. With an emphasis on strategic planning, program management, and stakeholder engagement, his work includes assisting federal agencies in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, community resilience, and national security. Most recently that includes working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects   Agency (DARPA). 


Challenges Session

 Presentation #3


 Joshua Corman is a Founder of I am The Cavalry (dot org), and serves as Chief Strategist for CISA regarding COVID, healthcare, and public safety. He previously served as CSO for PTC, Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative for the Atlantic Council, CTO for Sonatype, and other senior roles. He co-founded RuggedSoftware and IamTheCavalry to encourage new security approaches in response to the world’s increasing dependence on digital infrastructure. His unique approach to security in the context of human factors, adversary motivations, and social impact has helped position him as one of the most trusted names in security. He also serves as an Adjunct Faculty for Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College, and was a member of the Congressional Task Force for Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity.

 Presentation #4

Institute for Security and Technology

 Philip Reiner is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the Institute for Security and Technology, a global non-profit that serves as the bridge between technologists and national security policy makers. Philip also serves as the Executive Director of the Ransomware Task Force. The mission of IST is to develop solutions to the world's most challenging emerging security threats with a technology nexus. He holds positions as an Advisory Board Member for the Artificial Intelligence Security Initiative at UC Berkeley’s Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, is an Affiliate at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, and is also a Member of the IST Board of Directors.

 Presentation #5

 Carmichael Patton - Microsoft

 Presentation #6

 Sridhar Muppidi – IBM

 Presentation #7

 Pranshu Bajpai - Motorola Solutions

Industry Lightning Talks

 Presentation #8

 Maria Vachino - Cyntegra

 Presentation #9


 Travis Rosiek, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer - With 20 years of experience in the security industry, Travis is a highly accomplished cyber defense leader having led several commercial and U.S. government programs.  

 He is known for developing and executing strategic plans to build the technical capacity across product development, quality assurance, technical marketing, professional services and sales engineering.  

 Prior to his role at BluVector, Travis held several leadership roles including CTO at Tychon and Federal CTO at FireEye as well as senior roles at CloudHASH Security, McAfee, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). 


 Presentation #10


 Guido Grillenmeier, Chief Technologist with Semperis, spent 20+ years at HP/HPE as Chief Engineer. A frequent presenter at technology conferences and contributor to technical journals, Guido is the co-author of Microsoft Windows Security Fundamentals. He’s helped various customers secure their Active Directory environments, and supported their transition to Windows 10/m365 and Azure cloud services. Guido was an Microsoft MVP for Directory Services for 12 years.


 Presentation #11

 Brian Hymer - Quest

 Presentation #12

 Temi Adebambo - Amazon Web Services

 Presentation #13

 Next Steps/Wrap-up (NCCoE)
 Curt Barker - NIST
 Mr. Barker provides planning and implementation support to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Chief Cybersecurity Advisor. He previously served as Associate Director and Cybersecurity Advisor for ITL, directly responsible for planning, directing, and implementing the policies and programs of NIST’s cybersecurity program. He was the first manager for multiple national-level initiatives, including the National Initiative For Cybersecurity Education, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.
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