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Satellite Ground Segment Cybersecurity Workshop

Date/Time: Thursday, June 24, 2021 | 1:00-4:00 p.m. EDT
Duration: 3 hours

The National Institute of Standard and Technology's (NIST's) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), a non-regulatory entity, is looking to improve the cybersecurity of the ground segment component of satellite operations, particularly with regard to global positioning system (GPS) functions. To that end, the NCCoE is engaging the satellite community and other key stakeholders to understand the cybersecurity challenges they face and the leading practices currently employed.  From this workshop, the NCCoE will publish non-binding cybersecurity recommendations out to the community.

The NCCoE is holding a workshop on June 24, 2021 which will consist of an industry keynote speaker and a panel discussion to elicit pertinent cybersecurity information and encourage discussion around this topic of ground segment cybersecurity. The below statements of inquiry have been developed to stimulate discussion and provide scope, please feel free to provide any initial thoughts or suggestions related to these in the form below. Out of this the NCCoE will analyze the information gathered and publish recommendations.


Statements of Inquiry

  • Describe the dependencies of space mission operations for proper functionality of ground segment operations; further please expand upon the major cybersecurity challenges associated with ground control operations of satellites.
  • Identify and describe any impacts to space mission services if ground segment operations are disrupted or manipulated; further please expand upon the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in satellite ground control infrastructure that could cause disruption or manipulation of ground control operations
  • Identify and describe any techniques or technologies in use today that increase ground segment resilience against disruption or manipulation of space operations and services.
  • Identify any standards, guidance, industry practices and sector specific requirements associated with managing cybersecurity risks of ground segment operations that are followed or referenced.
  • Identify and describe any processes or procedures employed by the public or private sector to manage cybersecurity risks associated with ground segment operations.
  • Identify and describe any approaches or technologies employed by the public or private sector to detect disruption or manipulation of ground segment monitoring or control functionality.
  • Identify and describe any procedures utilized for determining the attack surface, facilitating threat modeling, determining threats, and mitigating threats for the ground segment.
  • Identify and describe any approaches, practices, and/or technologies used by ground segment operators to respond to or recover from disruptions within ground segment operations.