Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems: Behavioral Anomaly Detection

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The NCCoE has released the final NISTIR 8219, Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems: Behavioral Anomaly Detection. Use the button below to view this publication. 

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Current Status

The NCCoE has released a final NISTIR 8219 Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems: Behavioral Anomaly Detection. Download the final version here (PDF).

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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) monitor and control physical processes in many different industries and sectors, especially in manufacturing. A cyber attack directed at a manufacturing organization’s infrastructure could result in detrimental consequences to both human life and property.

For this project, the NCCoE and EL has demonstrated behavioral anomaly detection and prevention mechanisms, to support a multifaceted approach of counteracting cyber attacks against ICS devices that provide the functionality necessary to run manufacturing processes.

The goal is to provide industry with detailed information to establish an anomaly detection and prevention capability in their own environments. By implementing behavioral anomaly detection tools, manufacturers are provided with a key security component that will aid in sustaining business operations, particularly those based on ICS.

This project has resulted in a NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR). While the reference design will focus on cybersecurity, the example solution may also produce residual benefits to manufacturers for detecting anomalous conditions that are not security related.

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Collaborating Vendors

Organizations participating in this project submitted their capabilities in response to an open call in the Federal Register for all sources of relevant security capabilities from academia and industry (vendors and integrators). The following respondents with relevant capabilities or product components (identified as “Technology Partners/Collaborators” herein) signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to collaborate with NIST in a consortium to build this example solution.

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