NIST Official Says Post-Quantum Environment Still Years Away

Despite recent industry claims of quantum supremacy, an official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology said there's no near-term danger that modern tools will be able break current encryption methods.

NIST is currently working on a number of initiatives to develop more modern cryptographic algorithms to help federal agencies resist codebreaking efforts from quantum computers as well as new standards for smaller "lightweight" and internet-of-things devices that have become more prevalent over the past decade.

Matthew Scholl, chief of the Computer Science Division at NIST, said NIST is working with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and industry partners to develop a guidance document to assist organizations as they work through the cost and technical difficulties associated with transitioning from older forms of encryption to the newer post-quantum algorithms. However, he reiterated that those standards are still being evaluated and developed, and agencies shouldn't move too quickly to replace their encryption before the new standards are fully vetted.

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