NIST, Nokia to Collaborate on 5G Architecture Security Demo

Nokia has been selected to demonstrate the security features of a 5G architecture for the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

Nokia said Thursday it will collaborate with NCCoE and other vendors in an effort to help public and private sector organizations secure the transition to the new cellular network.

The company plans to offer its expertise in hardware and software, mobile network security and 5G radio access networks to the center’s 5G Cybersecurity Project,

NCCoE seeks to boost the cybersecurity of 5G end-user devices and networks in line with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, a group of multiple organizations working to develop standards for mobile telecommunications.

Kevin Stine, chief of NIST’s applied cybersecurity division, said the agency and the company aim to demonstrate standards-based 5G security applications such an architecture built on cloud technology.

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