NIST Maps Out the Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

To ease the migration from public-key cryptographic algorithms to quantum-resistant algorithms, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCOE) has released a draft document describing migration challenges and approaches for facilitating that migration.

NIST has been working to evaluate and select post-quantum encryption algorithms since 2016, and the migration process is also expected to be a lengthy process. Because nothing can protect hardware, software, applications or data from a quantum-enabled adversary, encryption keys and data will require re-encrypting with a quantum-resistant algorithm and deleting or physically securing copies and backups. What’s more, replacing cryptographic algorithms requires all system components -- protocols, schemes and infrastructures -- be ready to process the new encryption scheme. As a result, NIST said, “algorithm replacement can be extremely disruptive and often takes decades to complete.”

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