New NIST TLS Management Guidelines for InfoSec [Expert Advice]

Many organizations have struggled to effectively manage TLS certificates and mitigate these risks because TLS certificates are so broadly deployed across a wide variety of systems that are managed by different IT groups and business units. If you’ve been feeling this pain, you need to read SP 1800-16B and talk to your executive chain about implementing the recommendations. 

While you’re reading SP 1800-16B, you might consider sending SP 1800-16A to your executives. It provides an executive overview of the risks, challenges, and solutions for TLS certificates. Getting support and active engagement from executive management is critical to a successful certificate management program. 

NIST SP 1800-16 A and B are both up for public review. If, as you’re reading them, you have any suggestions on how to make them better, please submit that feedback to NIST at this link

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