NCCoE Expert is Guest Lecturer for UMD Cybersecurity Class

Paul Timmel, a program manager at NIST's National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), is a guest lecturer for a University of Maryland, College Park class this spring. The graduate course, “Special Topics in System Engineering: Cybersecurity for the Smart Grid,” offers students a comprehensive study of the potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks of the smart grid, recent research advances and industrial practices of smart grid cybersecurity, and the fundamentals of smart grid and the necessary background in computer security.

Paul’s lectures focus on the foundations of cryptography and the systems engineering aspects of cybersecurity. At the NCCoE, Paul leads two use cases on securing networked infrastructure for the energy sector: Identity and Access Management and Situational Awareness. Other NIST experts serving as guest lecturers for the class are Victoria Yan Pillitteri and Anand Dhananjay.