Federal Telework: How to Ensure Secure Videoconferencing

As federal agencies continue to operate with most of their workforces teleworking or working remotely, and with the possibility that they will need to return to doing so in the future, agencies have embraced videoconferencing for many tasks out of necessity.

In March, the Office of Personnel Management requested that agencies temporarily use videoconferencing and e-signature tools to hire, administer the oath of office and train new employees.

As agencies have ramped up their use of videoconferencing there have also been a raft of security and privacy concerns. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has offered tips on how agencies can secure videoconferencing platforms for meetings. Those include limiting the reuse of access codes; using one-time PINs for sensitive meetings; not allowing the meeting to begin until the host joins; using a dashboard to monitor attendees; avoiding recording the meeting unless it is necessary; and disabling features such as chat and file sharing unless they are needed. 

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