Center Seeks Collaborators for Access Control, Derived PIV Credentials, and Mobile Device Security

Today's Federal Register contains notices inviting technology vendors to collaborate with the NCCoE on three new projects to provide mobile device security, attribute based access control, and derived personal identity verification (PIV) credentials for mobile devices. Commercially available and open source products will be the modules in end-to-end example solutions to these challenges. All collaborators will enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA; see an example) with NIST in order to participate in a consortium for each build team. The projects will result in NIST Cybersecurity Practice Guides that show organizations how they can adopt these or similar capabilities.

Companies with product characteristics that meet the desired characteristics in the Federal Register notices can submit letters of interest indicating that they'd like to work on one or more of these projects. Each Federal Register notice contains instructions for how to submit a letter of interest.

Project pages and Federal Register notices can be found at:

To learn more, read the NIST press release.