Biometrics Companies Serving the Global South and a New ID2020 Partner Step Up as World Market Changes

The week’s top headlines in biometrics and digital ID are largely split between two different market dynamics. Work towards extending responsible and effective ID systems in the developing world continues with a major new ID2020 member and companies based in Africa increasing market competition. A Malaysian company may soon seize a large share of that country’s government biometric market, as well. Meanwhile, biometrics companies in the developed world may have their hands full meeting domestic demand, with broad changes creating opportunities to help save lives as society emerges from lockdowns.

The new enterprise perimeter, which extends to every remote worker’s house, was examined in a panel discussion hosted by Palo Alto Networks written up by CIO Dive. An increase in weekly cyberattacks against North Dakota of more than four times followed that state moving to remote work and school. NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Director Jeff Greene says employees should at least be able to rate how risky the information they share on digital communications platforms is.

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