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Tech Companies Announce Billions in Cyber Workforce Development at White House Summit

The White House hosted a Cybersecurity Summit this week with leaders from approximately 40 companies with a footprint within the cybersecurity world. The President was unambiguous in calling on industry to step-up their cybersecurity investments, “You have the power, capacity and responsibility, I believe to raise the bar.” The summit follows on the heels of the July 28 issuance of a National Security Memorandum addressing necessary improvements to cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.


  • “We are pleased to see the Biden Administration’s continuing emphasis on the importance of investing in improved cyber security practices for public and private sector organizations. This commitment is crucial in addressing the increased volume of threats and the ever evolving threat landscape. It’s become clear that our defenses must also evolve from traditional models to the adoption of a Zero Trust architectural approach that focuses on strong user and identity security as the first line of defense.  We are also pleased to see an emphasis on strong collaboration between the public and private sectors to share information and best practices as we all face the same threats and adversaries. Initiatives such as the National Cybersecurity Center Of Excellence’s (NCCOE) work around Zero Trust, of which Okta is a proud contributor, will move us all closer to our vision of a safer digital world.” – Sean Frazier, Federal CSO, Okta