Securing Web Transactions NIST SP 1800-16 Practice Guide


Authors: Mehwish Akram, William C. Barker, Rob Clatterbuck, Brandon Everhart, Jane Gilbert, William Haag, Brian Johnson, Alexandros Kapasouris, Dung Lam, Brett Pleasant, Mary Raguso, Murugiah Souppaya, Susan Symington, Paul Turner, Clint Wilson

Publication Date: 2019

Executive Summary filetype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16a-draft-v2.pdf194.01 KB
Security Risks and Recommended Best Practicesfiletype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16b-draft-v2.pdf2.43 MB
Approach, Architecture, and Security Characteristics filetype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16c-draft.pdf978.96 KB
How-To-Guidesfiletype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16d-draft.pdf8.44 MB
All Volumesfiletype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16-draft.pdf11.69 MB

Preliminary Draft

Authors: Murugiah Souppaya, William Haag, Paul Turner, William C. Barker

Publication Date: 2018

Executive Summaryfiletype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16a-draft.pdf731.34 KB
Security Risks and Recommended Best Practices filetype icon tls-serv-cert-mgt-nist-sp1800-16b-draft.pdf2.76 MB