Securing Small-Business and Home Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Mitigating Network-Based Attacks Using Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) Practice Guide

Preliminary Draft

Authors: Donna Dodson, Tim Polk, Murugiah Souppaya, William C. Barker, Eliot Lear, Brian Weis, Yemi Fashina, Parisa Grayeli, Joshua Klosterman, Blaine Mulugeta, Mary Raguso, Susan Symington, Dean Coclin, Clint Wilson, Tim Jones, Jaideep Singh, Darshak Thakore, Mark Walker, Drew Cohen

Publication Date: 2019

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Approach, Architecture, and Security Characteristicsfiletype icon iot-ddos-nist-sp1800-15b-preliminary-draft.pdf3.65 MB
How-To Guidesfiletype icon iot-ddos-nist-sp1800-15c-preliminary-draft.pdf3.71 MB
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