Join the IETF 109 Virtual Hackathon

Monday, November 9, 2020 to Friday, November 13, 2020

Members of the Mitigating IoT-Based DDoS project team will participate in IETF 109 Virtual Hackathon on November 9-13, 2020 where they will demonstrate how the MUD-PD tool can help generate Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) files. MUD-PD is a tool for storing packet capture (PCAP) files to use in manual analysis and automated generation of MUD files. The project team is looking to collect feedback on the usability, efficacy, and desired additional features for MUD-PD. This will be a great opportunity to fix bugs, enable improvements, and develop additional features (see proposed feature list below).  For more information about the schedule please refer to the IETF 109 Hackathon page.

Join Us!

The project team will explore which features and improvements are necessary for accurately and effectively characterizing an IoT device’s behavior with MUD-PD.

During the hackathon, the project team will help participants:

  • install the MUD-PD tool
  • capture packets
  • add features and contribute to the MUD-PD tool
  • automatically generate MUD files
  • develop a tool for adding network environment metadata to packet capture files

Proposed features that will be worked by the team (not a complete list):

  • Efficiency and stability improvements
  • MUD-PD Docker Image
  • Incorporate MUDdy into MUD-PD for more fine-grained MUD File generation
  • Windows compatibility for MUD-PD
  • MUD File verification (comparing MUD file to network captures)
  • Collection and storage of certificates
  • Tool for adding network environment metadata at capture and post capture (may be standalone or incorporated in MUD-PD)

Participants can also use MUD Maker to generate files for comparison.

Hackathon participants are encouraged to bring their own packet captures of IoT device traffic for testing and running analysis. However, the project team will also provide a small set of IoT device traffic packet captures for use in testing and developing MUD-PD. The following is a recommended list of equipment:

  • 1 computer (or VM) running Linux or macOS to run MUD-PD
  • For captures (optional):
    • 1 Router (COTS or Raspberry Pi configured as shown in this guide)
    • 1 or more IoT devices and necessary control devices
    • 1 Smartphone for interacting through vendor app (if needed)


Please send any questions or suggestions regarding the hackathon to the

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