Commitments and Quotations

As the NCCoE expands into its new headquarters to meet additional project demand, we are excited to announce renewed commitments from our partners, collaborators, and implementers.

Commitments and Industry Implementations


From the NCCoE’s inception, Intel has been a core technology partner. Intel will be participating in the NCCoE’s upcoming Derived Personal Identity Verification (PIV) project. Intel’s commitment includes contributing hardware, software, and subject matter expertise necessary to successfully complete this work. Intel will also be designating an employee to serve as a NIST Guest Researcher and central point of contact for Intel’s NCCoE activities.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise:

HPE has committed technical support and products to the NCCoE Energy Sector Situational Awareness project. HP has also identified a Principal Solutions Architect from HPE Security, to serve as a NIST Guest Researcher to provide expertise and support to the NCCoE. 


Building on HyTrust’s seminal work on the NCCoE’s Trusted Geolocation in Cloud, HyTrust has pledged their continued support to participate in future projects, including Financial Services Access Rights Management.

Montgomery County Police Department:

The Montgomery County Police Department has entered the early stages of collaboration with NCCoE to identify and address cybersecurity challenges in law enforcement vehicles. The department has provided a police cruiser from its current fleet, which will be housed in one of the center’s new industrial control system labs. This new collaboration will explore potential cybersecurity challenges facing law enforcement vehicles today and in the future.


RSA has committed technical support and products to NCCoE’s Energy Sector Situational Awareness project, which moved into the build phase earlier this year.


Splunk’s commitment to the center includes providing the NCCoE with technical expertise, products, and engaged, collaborative outreach. Splunk has committed to supporting NCCoE’s upcoming Financial Services Access Rights Management project with its operation intelligence software platform and technical expertise.


Symantec has committed technical support, expertise, and products to two new NCCoE projects: Derived Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credentials and DNS-Based Email Security.

Partner, Collaborator, and Industry Quotations

“The NCCOE plays an important role in collaborating with the private sector on cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and our 6,800 member financial institutions appreciate the opportunity to work with the NCCOE on mitigating risks from destructive malware attacks and addressing risks associated with point of sale technologies used by merchants.”
      — John Carlson, Chief of Staff of the FS-ISAC

“We value our public/private partnership with the NCCoE greatly and look forward to fulfilling our responsibilities and commitments with great passion at the center.”
      — Kevin Fiftal, Civilian Director, Intel Americas

“Mobile devices are fast becoming the primary way we communicate and remain productive, but their growth has also made them a rich target for attack. Security threats to mobility come in many forms and protecting today’s mobile ecosystems while respecting individual privacy is a balance we must achieve given the personal nature of these devices. We believe public and private sector cooperation can guide the industry toward better mobile security solutions that achieve this balance. The NIST NCCOE has championed strong security and privacy principles, setting aside any pride of ownership to arrive at practical, interoperable cybersecurity solutions that can be implemented today. In working with them on the 1800 series documents and architecture, Lookout has continually been impressed by their collaborative nature, expertise, and dedication to raising the bar for secure mobility standards.”
      —Tim LeMaster, Director, Systems Engineering, Lookout

"The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is a powerful example of what can be accomplished through government-industry partnership. Splunk is excited to be working with NCCoE to drive improvements in cybersecurity in key sectors of the economy. Public and private sector don’t always share the same mission, but when it comes to cybersecurity, both face the same challenge of protecting their organizations from emerging threats. Modern cybersecurity is an issue of national importance that needs to be addressed collectively.”
      — Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President for Security Markets, Splunk

"Our work with the Situational Awareness Use Case team at NCCoE has been a very important step in its collaborative mission to improve the cybersecurity posture of our nation’s very critical Energy market. James McCarthy and the rest of the team have clearly demonstrated their expertise and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities across the IT and OT domains. TDi Technologies is honored to be a part of the Situational Awareness Use Case team and we look forward to working with the NCCoE on future projects.”
      — Bill Johnson, Founder and CEO, TDi Technologies